Who we are


In quality and service

Mera is a leader company in Girona region in salting sector, working day after day to offer to their customers an up to their expectations quality and service.

They have a large products catalogue, good cod, smoked and marinated products, salty and marinated anchovies, olives and pickles, salted and selected preserved products, and all, to enable satisfying all market needs.

MERA company defining directives are the quality, the service and the constant improvement, day after day.

Mera was created in 1994 from a familiar tradition started beginning 70’s by Josep Lluís Mera and Matilde Matés, with the itinerant trade in many villages from Girona’s regions and in a small establishment called Pesca Salada Mati, located in the well known Girona local market of Plaça del Lleó and that, still today, puts its effort on maintaining their customers for over 40 years.

Currently, Mera company has a large experience and tradition, which, thanks to its human team, it gets modernised and searches to be positioned on the quality market.

Ist Mera a quality symbol?

You have the final say!!!

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